Using your property to raise finance or stopping forfeiture


“Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you”


Aldous Huxley 


We deliver a broad range of services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your situation. 

Your property can be a leverage to access capital or consolidate debt

Your property can work for you regardless of your credit profile. If there is equity in your property, chances are that  you can use it to get out of a sticky situation like 

a.  settling your debt and getting back onto your feet

b.  clearing debt review and judgements etc

c.  Home improvement finance

d.  Business finance (although we can do normal business finance)  etc

If the property is at risk, do not just throw in the towel without putting up a fight.

Don't just run away because then the bank has control and the property can end up being auctioned. If that happens then there is no reserve price,  and the property is just sold to the highest bidder. You remain liable for the usually massive shortfall and that has to be stopped at all costs. 


In other words, you have to rescue the situation or if all else fails, gain as much as possible out of the situation and aim to end up victorious. 

 Credit reports are useful and be obtained for free

Free comprehensive credit reports can be obtained by using the links below                                     0861 482 482 (full Report, not just a summary)                                       (011) 799 3400 (full Report, not just a summary)  (021)888 6000 or National Number :0861 51 41 31 


You can also get credit reports from Checkers/Shoprite at R59.00 (you need your id and proof of address) Return same to us with the above.

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